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Monday, July 8, 2013

Blair Stanley's white jacket

Recently, we cut and sewed a beautiful white jacket for Blair Stanley, a brand that produces trendy yet affordable clothing for both men and women.

Blair Stanley's logo
We first created a pattern for the jacket. Here is a photo of the patterns we made for the jacket.

After we made the pattern, we started the cut and sew process for the jacket. When we are finished, the designer of the white jacket, Miled Khraybany, and the owner of the brand, Blair Stanley, both visited our sample room to see the beautiful garment. They were completely amazed and satisfied with the jacket we made for them.. Here are some photos of the jacket:

We executed the designer's plan for making this jacket. Although this is a one-piece jacket, the visual affect of the jacket made it seem as though the person is wearing two jackets simultaneously. Best of all, this jacket can be worn in multiple ways. One of the ways the jacket can be worn is to hide the black collars underneath the white cloth. Here's another picture of the jacket, with part of the collar hidden underneath the white cloth:

Jacket with one collar hidden
This jacket can be a great garment for work, business occasions, parties, or just casual wear.

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